First Time Mass F.A.Q.

1. How long is Mass?

The celebration of Mass usually lasts from 55 to 75 minutes. You are encouraged to stay until the priest and other ministers process out of church.

2. How do I know what is going on?

If you would like to read along with the prayers or Bible readings at Mass, books in the pews (called “missals”) contain almost all of the texts. These books can be a bit confusing at times, so don’t be afraid to ask someone nearby for help finding the right page. However, one doesn’t need to follow along – if you’re comfortable, just listen and pray along in your own words.

3. Do I need to give to the collection?

Collection baskets are passed person-to-person down each pew. The collection is used to support the various ministries of the church, including charitable outreach. Occasionally, a second collection will be taken for a diocesan program or some other need. Neither visitors nor registered members are required to give.

4. Do I have to shake hands with people?

After praying the Lord’s Prayer — the Our Father — we exchange a sign of peace. This is usually a handshake or, between couples and families, a kiss or hug. If you are not comfortable with this gesture, you are not obligated to participate, a smile is fine.

5. Can I receive communion?

To read the guidelines for the reception of Holy Communion please click here.

6. How should I dress?

As a visitor, you are our honored guest — please dress as you are comfortable. We encourage respectful dress for Mass that helps us embody the idea that Mass is the high-point of our week. Some parishioners wear suits and business attire to Sunday worship, and others dress more casually.

7. Do I have to identify myself as a visitor?

No. Our parish will not ask you to raise your hand  or be identified in any way. However, if you would like to talk to someone when you attend  Mass, please feel free to speak with Fr. Patrick Gallagher or one of the greeters welcoming you to worship.

8. Do I need to bring anything?

Bring a heart open to hearing the Word of God! Readings from Scripture and hymnals are located in the pew.