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Last fall we came across a great (providential, really) opportunity for our Little Flower. A Presbyterian church in Hershey, PA was upgrading to a larger organ and they were giving away their older one (from 1965). Pipe organs usually cost hundreds of thousands of dollars—and we are getting this one free!!! The only cost to the parish will be moving the organ down here and then rebuilding it in our church!

Over the past few months, pipe trays have been built and a team of organ movers has been hard at work this week preparing the organ for its long journey down south to our Little Flower.

1. We will need the help of strong men (or women) this Monday to help unload the truck and put the organ in storage in our school building.
2. We need your financial help to pay for the costs of moving the organ here and rebuilding it at Little Flower.

If you can help in any way, it would be most appreciated. Please contact Father Gonzalez directly at: