New Missals for St. Thérèse the Little Flower!

Beginning the First Sunday of Advent, December 2nd 2018, our Parish will begin using our new Book of Sacred Liturgy missals.

This automatically consolidates the quarterly soft-cover, disposable missalettes currently in use at St. Thérèse.


Well, imagine buying a book and inside the front cover it says: “The use of this book is licensed to the purchaser for this year only.” That would be weird, wouldn’t it? After the year is over, you would have to get rid of that book and if you want to reread it you would have to buy another copy.

There is no publisher who would do this, right? Wrong. That’s exactly what we find in missalettes in parishes all over the country, including ours. Every issue comes with a restriction. “The use of this book is licensed only to current subscribers for use during the 2018 liturgical year.” And so, four times a year,  missalettes are gathered from our parishes  and basically tossed into the trash. (“One particular publisher reportedly distributes 4.3 million missalettes four times a year.”) And when you take into account that each missalette contains the words of scripture this becomes even  more unsettling.

We are effectively throwing away the word of the Lord.

But it doesn’t have to be this way.

With a hard-cover missal, we can expect to keep each missal in the pews for at least 10-15 years, potentially longer if we take care of them well!

It’s also extremely cost effective, our parish currently spends around $2,000 annually replacing missalettes. Our new missals, with shipping and all extra materials included, cost $3,417 and they are permanently ours.

But, aside from expenditure, our parish will be saving trees! There are many adverse effects from disposable missalettes, among them wasting tremendous amounts of paper every year.

As we near the season of Advent, we will be providing some guidance on how to use the new missals. For now it may help to know that the readings will always be posted on our hymn board for reference at Mass.